Landrover Defender Engine

Landrover Defender Engine, Driving and Suspension

landrover-2400cc-4-cylinder-diesel-engine2.4 litre 4 cylinder diesel engine

The power to tow and get the job done. Defender’s refined 2.4 litre diesel produces 122hp or 90kW and a class-leading 360Nm of torque with 90 percent of peak power on tap from less than 2,200rpm to over 4,350rpm. The engine is designed to meet modern emissions legislation and features an Anti-Stall device, which intelligently adjusts the fuel required when the engine is working at low speed.

Performance (Manufacturer’s Estimates)2.4 litre diesel
Maximum speed mph 82
Acceleration 0-60mph seconds 14.7
Fuel Economy90
Urban mpg (L/100km) 22.6 (12.5)
Extra urban mpg (L/100km) 32.9 (8.6)
Combined mpg (L/100km) 28.3 (10.0)
Combined CO emissions (g/km) 266
Drive by noise/dB 73

Driving and Transmission

Land Rover Defender’s permanent 4 wheel drive with a lockable centre differential and dual range transmission system, offers almost unstoppable traction on and off road. Specially developed for heavy-duty applications, the six-speed manual transmission also provides smooth on-road performance, and economy, whilst the low first gear reduces crawl speed and makes towing effortless.

landrover-defender-permament-4-wheel-drive landrover-defender-dual-range-six-speed-transmission

Permanent four-wheel drive

Permanent four-wheel drive ensures power is sent to all four wheels continuously, on or off-road. With no need to switch between two-wheel and four-wheel drive as conditions change, Defender remains sure-footed and unstoppable. Other vehicle systems (locking centre differential and traction control) come into play if traction at any wheel is lost.

Dual-range six-speed transmission and locking centre differential

The enormous torque developed by Defender is fully utilised through its robust dual-range transfer box and six-speed gearbox. The available twelve forward and two reverse gears provide the driver with a wide spread of gear ratios to handle heavy-duty applications. The low first gear reduces crawl speed and makes towing almost effortless whether on or off-road, while the high sixth gear produces improved fuel economy when cruising along roads. For extreme off-road conditions such as mud, ice, snow or loose ground, the centre differential can be locked, ensuring power is split equally between each axle to deliver superb traction.

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