Jim Autos UK Executives

Jim Autos UK Executives

Jim Autos UK’s management experience in the automotive industry is unparalleled. Our decades of automotive experience is defined by relentless pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction. The Quraishi family has been in the automotive business for 100 years. Our highest priorities are integrity, top selection, low prices, quick delivery and providing unparalleled customer service to our local and global customer. We are here to serve you. Please feel free to contact any one of us by telephone, fax or by email. We look forward to meeting you at any and all of our locations in any of our worldwide locations in Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and many other world automotive hubs. We are proud to be a part of the worldwide Jim Group of Companies and can work with our sister companies and affiliates to help you find the vehicles you need.  

CEO Jim Quraishi

 Our CEO Jim Quraishi has 23 years of US executive experience with some of world’s leading corporations as Xerox, Ziff, Hearst, Gruner+Jahr and Disney. He is a strategic leader who sets the overall vision and charts future direction for the global Bloomstar organization and helps local leaders in achieving this vision. He has grown his businesses with the philosophy of treating all customers the way he would like to be treated if he were the customer. His success is a direct result of his unique ability to quickly determine what the customer needs and his determination to find it! Jim is an avid traveler, and enjoys writing in his spare time. It is innovation that makes him tick and he loves to bring new ideas to fruition. As Bloomstar’s CEO, Jim leads through example, cultivating deep relationships with clients and reinforcing a work environment that strikes the right balance between casual and professional. Jim adheres to the philosophy that the quality of business results from the quality of relationships, a belief reflected by Bloomstar’s and Soni’s long-standing clients.

COO and President Jim Quraishi

With a twenty-five year career in worldwide automotive industry, our dynamic COO and President Jim Quraishi  is considered one of Asia’s foremost business and community leaders. He is one of world’s leading experts in automobiles and has extensive relationships in manufacturing and dealership community. You’ll be hard pressed to ask a question about cars he cannot answer. He has run motorcycle and automobile dealerships in multiple cities of the world since 1981. In that time he has established a reputation for honesty, service before and after the sale, and above all, his knack for picking quality cars.

Jim has always been and always will be active in the daily operations of the dealership but armed with a strong discipline in customer service and stakeholder analysis, he is also a strategic thinker and has broad experience in business strategy and development.

He is a car aficionado and knows the ins and outs of each car series. Since his 16th birthday, there has always been a new car in his garage every few months. He is an expert car technician and can fix cars of all kinds. Although Jim hung up his wrenches years ago, his technical knowledge allows him to select defects-free used cars.

His marketing acumen is legendary – in fact, many of the advanced automotive marketing strategies used in automotive export markets in Asia are rooted in the development of Jim Quraishi’s career where, if not actually originated by him, they were most certainly honed to a fine art through his adaptation. Soni’s vision and marketing skills have transformed a medium size automotive company into a formidable multinational juggernaut that Jim Motors currently is.

Soni’s team of dedicated staff is the single most important contributing factor to Jim Motors’ success. Forever the entrepreneur, Jim thrives on the challenge of his team serving an ever growing global clientele in six continents of the world. He has, over the years, exhibited a keen business sense and a generous spirit. His success is built on a foundation of tireless dedication and unswerving honesty.

He takes great care in monitoring HR issues, managing staff needs and morale. Jim keeps his team happy and focused, and is proud to say that they are testament to these efforts. He considers himself to be a role model and mentor to his staff and leads by example. He strongly encourages leadership and initiative amongst all employees, assisting them in learning project management and delegation of authority.

As well as managing a dynamic team of employees, he is also involved in mentoring newcomers to the industry. His commitment to management methodology not only ensures professional staff development within his company, but also allows him to offer his skills to the greater community. He has regularly supported work experience students, both from schools, and individuals seeking to improve their skills.

Jim does not suffer fools gladly but his straight talking no-nonsense style is loved by his employees and customers alike. You always know where you stand with him. His customers recognize that he is not out for a quick buck but looking out for their long-term interests.

He has a “hands on” commitment to providing exceptional customer service and is out in trenches with his employees ensuring that customers specifications are exceeded wherever possible.

Jim is passionate and innovative. He believes that innovation does not sprout from merely a great idea but in the brilliance of its execution. He is actualizing the dream of our Founding Fathers with passion and piling success upon success through innovation, professionalism and by keeping our Fathers promises of lowest prices, highest quality, integrity and customer service. He loves what he does and this means that a passion undergirds everything he does. He fervently believes that in order for us to succeed we must participate in our customers success and this is why 80% of our business is repeat and referral business and our customers continue to go from one success to another.

Paralleling Soni’s career accomplishments, a passion for the arts and an abiding commitment to the business and social welfare of his community is seen in his numerous philanthropic projects and fundraising commitments.

Jim has earned respect from members of his community and trust from all of his customers. Jim is proud of the reputation he has built. It is something he works on every day, always striving for constant improvement in both business and social responsibility.

Community service is an important part of Bloomstar’s mission. Sharing has always been an important to Jim and he is proud of his charitable reputation. Jim was at the forefront of Bloomstar’s tsunami relief effort in South East Asia and visited tsunami affected regions personally to oversee our extensive relief efforts. He was also the dynamo behind Bloomstar’s efforts to help the earthquake devastated regions of Pakistan. Jim speaks fluent Thai, English, Urdu and Hindi.

As with any effective team, Jim’s and Soni’s visions, skills and focuses are brilliantly complementary, thereby ensuring the Bloomstar’s and Soni’s excellence and continual growth.

SVP Export Sam Quraishi

Our Senior Vice President Export Division Sam Quraishi has 16 years of experience in selecting defects-free automobiles and handling all aspects of car exports. He also has extensive contacts with accessories and parts manufacturers.

Sam wears many hats. In addition to being our Export Executive, he is also our Pre-Owned Manager and has a knack of finding all potential defects in a pre-owned vehicle. It is a lot to juggle but Sam takes his task to heart and has carved a niche for him and his family’s business. Like Jim, he is a car enthusiast and his expertise is diverse and extensive. Like Jim and Jim, Sam Quraishi is a hard working visionary who is constantly striving to build on the family foundation of service, selection, and satisfaction. Sam believes that the success of Jim Automotive Group can be attributed to a commitment to quality, which has been Quraishi signature for over seventy-six years. Sam is proud to maintain the high standards first set by his great grandfather, and to continue the Quraishi tradition of excellence. He speaks fluent Thai, English, Urdu and Hindi and he became quite fluent in Arabic during his tenure in Dubai in the early 90s when he managed different aspects of a car showroom in Dubai. He was therefore a natural pick to establish our office in Dubai which was then turned over to Sunny Quraishi.

Vice President Jeff Quraishi

Our VP Jeff Quraishi has over 10 years of automotive experience and is a genius with numbers. Sunny upholds the tradition that his family began by making sure that Jim clientele feels comfortable with every stage of their transaction whether you are buying, leasing, servicing or in need of parts. He knows his cars and knows his customers. He only acquires cars that fit the taste of his clientele and is able to pair the right car with the right person. Sunny speaks fluent Japanese, Thai, English, Urdu and Hindi. He is the liaison with our Japanese affiliates.

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